Building STRONGER GENERATIONS for at-risk women

The Jewish Women International Features Second Chance Employment Services in their Newsletter

october 2008

As experts and advocates recognize the importance of an independent source of income for a woman's ability to escape domestic violence, there has been a dramatic increase in funding for programs that offer job training, financial education, emergency cash and other tools that help a woman break free from abuse and attain economic independence.

The Second Chance Employment Services of Washington, DC is a First Class Agency for abused women founded by Dr. Ludy Green and devoted to placing victims of domestic abuse in meaningful, career-track jobs with full health.

None can deny that financial planning, job training, emergency cash and assistance for housing and childcare are all tremendously important services for victims. Indeed, through an extensive referral program with its community partners, Second Chance provides all these things and more. The program provides women with professional make-overs from top stylists, new business clothing from top designers, and facial reconstructive surgery for badly scarred victims. Women also receive the moral support they need to regain their self-confidence, and the employment services they need to become gainfully employed.

Through its collaboration with job partners—companies that have agreed to give Second Chance clients priority employment consideration—Second Chance is able to overcome hiring prejudices, find its clients meaningful positions, and influence Fortune 500 companies to change the way they look at women returning to the workforce, something that benefits not just victims of domestic violence, but all women.

To learn more about this unique organization, how you can become involved, how to refer a woman in need of a job, or to obtain information about how you can pilot the Second Chance model in your community, please visit the Second Chance website at, or contact them directly at 202.331.7451 or 800.331.7451.

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