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The Economy Worsens, Domestic Violence Rises

october 1, 2009

Due to the harsh economical times the United States is experiencing, domestic violence is on the rise, but financial freedom for these women is surprisingly in their favor.

As the economical situation in the United States worsens each day, the level of abuse experienced in homes does so as well. Domestic violence is at an all time high this year due to the increase of financial stress in American families. Resorting to abusive behavior directed toward their significant other is one way in which some decide to cope during this time of hardship. "Someone who has a pattern of being abusive, if their life feels more out of control than they are used to, they try to gain more control by being abusive," states Deborah DeBare, a coalition executive director.

Second Chance Employment Services, a nonprofit based in Washington, DC whose mission is to help guide women and their children to financial freedom from their abusers, is experiencing a rapid increase in clients seeking help. According to the Rhode Island Court Advocates, it has been reported that in the first half of this year alone, there has been a 25% increase in the cases of domestic violence across the United States, all linked to the tension in families due to the difficult economical times. This spans across all ethnic and socioeconomic classes equally, not targeting any specific group.

 Though the economy is at its worst since the Great Depression, the job market for minimal paying employment is plentiful. Victims of domestic violence are solely seeking a career; they are looking to gain financial independence and are willing to do anything for this to occur. Many companies are struggling financially but still have a need to fill certain positions, making hiring those who are not expecting incredibly high salaries very appealing. Due to this, Second Chance has an incredibly positive outlook on their job placement statistics this year.

October is domestic violence awareness month and this is a great time to get involved and help those in need. For more information please visit the Second Chance Employment Services' website at or contact Tawanna Mccants at 202 331 7451.

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