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January 12, 2006

As the daughter of a diplomat, Ludy Green had the rare opportunity to travel the world and learn five languages fluently. While in South America, she witnessed domestic abuse and realized that in order for victims to escape, they needed stability and financial independence. She learned that women will repeatedly try to leave abusive relationships but often return because of lack of confidence and economic stability.

After graduating with both a M.A. and Ph. D. from George Washington University, Green served as vice president of human resources for a major nationwide association while working with several local committees on domestic violence issues. However, Green wanted to get personally involved, and believed she could contribute more if she worked with women on an individual basis.

In 2002, she established Second Chance Employment Service, an organization that helps domestic abuse victims find permanent jobs. To date, she has helped over 179 women find employment at a minimum salary of $30,000. She also hosts makeover sessions at beauty salons in order to lift their self-images.

“If it weren’t for Second Chance, I would still be on welfare,” says Keisha White. “Instead, I’m back in the work force as a registered medical technician for George Washington University Hospital. I am able to utilize my job skills, while providing for my children and serve as a role model for them.”

Ludy Green has helped numerous women gain self-esteem and confidence by entering the job market. She has given them an opportunity not only to earn a living wage but to call themselves survivors in mainstream society.

Ludy Green
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