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Dr. Ludy Green Serves as Delegate to the Global Summit of Women for the Second Consecutive Year

May 27, 2009


Santiago, Chile: Having successfully served as the United States delegate to the 2008 Global Summit of Women in Vietnam, Dr. Ludy Green was invited by event organizers to participate in the 2009 Summit in Santiago, Chile. The conference provided Dr. Green with the amazing opportunity to discuss Second Chance Employment Services and the importance of financial independence for victims of violence with President Michelle Bachelet of Chile, the country's first ever female President.

 Dr. Green was invited to participate in the 2009 Summit as a result of the resounding impact she made at last year's Summit in Vietnam, as well as the widespread attention that Second Chance has gained as the only program emphasizing employment as the crucial step in the financial empowerment of at-risk women. Dr. Green's innovative organization was heralded by Summit organizers and attendees as a model that can and should be reproduced around the globe.

This year's conference, Setting New Paradigms for Business and Political Leadership, brought together an impressive group of business leaders, activists, Presidents and Vice Presidents to discuss the advancement of women in business and politics. In addition to her meeting with the first female President of Chile, Dr. Green was able to discuss Second Chance’s renowned model with other women leaders like the Secretary of Education of Saudi Arabia, Norah Abdullah Al-Faiz, and the Minister of the National Women's Service of Chile, Laura Albornoz.

"One of the biggest benefits of attending the 2009 Summit was the opportunity to discuss the work of Second Chance, the financial empowerment of women, and the global epidemic of domestic violence with influential women leaders from around the world." --Dr. Ludy Green.

Second Chance Employment Services promotes financial security for at-risk women and their dependents through comprehensive employment placement services and has placed over 500 women in meaningful, career-track positions with full health benefits. For more information on Second Chance, visit

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