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Dr. Ludy Green Presents on ''Financial Independence to Victims of Domestic Violence"

May 8, 2009


 Dr. Ludy Green was invited to deliver a cohesive presentation entitled "Financial Independence to Victims of Domestic Violence" at the first ever national conference in Columbus, Ohio: "Innovation Through Collaboration: Building a Community Response to Family Violence."

The national conference was held by the Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence (CCAFV) which was founded in 1998 to address the way in which both institutions and citizens of Columbus, Ohio collaborate in order to approach domestic violence. The coalition functions primarily to spread awareness and tackle issues of domestic through extensive prevention initiatives and cooperation with local institutions.

 The Columbus Coalition Against Family Violence elected Dr. Ludy Green to present based on her outstanding credentials and achievement as founder and president of Second Chance Employment Services an organization based in Washington D.C. which strives to secure financial sovereignty for women who have been domestically abused through thorough job placement and support. Green's presentation focused on the imperativeness of financial independence in achieving self-sufficiency for women who have been victims of domestic violence.

Translating Second Chance Employment Services' (SCES) successful model for providing meaningful careers to women who have been domestically abused, Dr. Ludy Green highlighted financial independence as a key component in facilitating freedom from situations of domestic violence. The session also outlined the efficiency of SCES' web based organizational management system in comprehensively assessing the efficacy of its job placement programs.

Because of the success of "Financial Independence to Victims of Domestic Violence", Abigail Wexner, chairperson and founder of the CCAFV, has offered office space to SCES in order to replicate the program.

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