Building STRONGER GENERATIONS for at-risk women

Bob's on Board

march 20, 2003

Senator Robert Dole is a pro at campaigning and Dr. Ludy Green, President & Founder of Second Chance Employment Services, is no slouch. The Senator serves on the board of directors of this non-profit because, as he said, Ludy is “very persuasive.” The organization seeks to promote financial security for at-risk women and their dependents through comprehensive training and employment placement services. In his engaging remarks, the Senator noted that the “real” Senator Dole couldn’t attend because she “has to work.” The May 7 fund-raiser was held at Vida restaurant. Mayor Anthony Williams—new hair cut duly noted--emphasized the importance of giving children a “first chance” by ensuring that their mothers have the resources to succeed. SCES has partnered with Washington’s premier employers—America Online, Pepco, Fannie Mae, Washington Gas, and the list reads on. Raffled items included the discounted services of Board Chairman Ronald S. Perlman. Ludy does know how to draw a crowd!

Mary Bird
The Georgetowner
May 20, 2003

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